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Magic Potions Tavern FAQs

Is the Department of Magic accessible?

The Magic Potions Tavern is located down one flight of stairs in Edinburgh’s Old town. Alternative access can be arranged in advance, depending on staffing levels, so please contact us with as much notice as possible to ensure we can make arrangements.

How long will my experience last?
Every reservation at the Magic Potions Tavern includes a 75-minute table booking. 

What if I'm running late?
The table booking is yours for 75 minutes, however we cannot extend this from the start time of the booking if you are running late. 

How many people can I bring?

Groups of up to 6 can book many of our experiences directly via the website. For groups over 6, please get in touch at and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your group. 

How old do visitors need to be?
The tavern welcomes witches and wizards of any age and can make accommodations for strollers. The atmosphere in the Magic Potions Tavern is more lively after 6pm, so younger visitors may wish to leave before then. Under 16s must leave by 10pm and under 18s must leave by 11pm.

Do you do private events?
Yes, you can hire the entire tavern out for your private event including food options, and renting our escape rooms, get in touch with us at to find out more!

Are there non alcoholic options?
Absolutely! You can book our Non-Alcoholic Experience here.

What if I have allergies?
Our menu is on the Tavern website page and has all our allergy information for each product and experience option.

What is the difference between a "Make It Yourself Potion Cocktail" and a "Bubbler Cocktail"?
A Make It Yourself Potion Cocktail Experience includes one potion and smoking shot of your choice. Spell sheets filled with riddles and potion making instructions are provided with these. The Magical Bubbler Cocktail is a taste of the magic. They still smoke and make it yourself however have no spell sheet and are a quicker experience. However both experiences come with a 75 minute table booking if you want to continue your adventure.

Can I get substitutes for the afternoon tea experience?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer any allergen or preference substitutions to our Magical Afternoon Tea Experience. Please review the menu and allergen information in advance to booking.

Do you have Butter Beer?
Absolutely! What sort of Magic Potions Tavern would we be without both Alcoholic and Non- Alcoholic Butterbeer!

Can I book the escape room experience as well?
Absolutely! You can book all our experiences back-to-back however we advise that you check timing to ensure you don’t have to wait around.

Can I just walk in without a booking?
While we love our walk up witches and wizards, we cannot guarantee that there will be table space and encourage everyone to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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