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Booking Size

Each of our escape rooms has a maximum of 6 players each. For group bookings of 7+ players, send us a message and we can talk you through the booking process.

Escape Room Prices

2 People - £50 (£25pp)
3 People - £69 (£23pp)
4 People - £84 (£21pp)
5 People - £100 (£20pp)

6 People - £114 (£19pp)

Magic Potion Cocktails

Make someone fall helplessly in love with you, create liquid gold like alchemists of old, bubble the bones of your enemies. Brew up a magical experience for you and your wizard friends.

PQ 16.jpg

Prophecies Quest

As the last hope for the magical world you must collect The Prophecies and use them before it's too late. The Dark Lord has hidden The Prophesies so you must find them in The Department Of Mysteries before using them to defeat him. You need to hurry, The Dark Lord is on his way and only you can stop him.

DLR 25.jpg

Dark Lord Resurrection

Not even death can stop him. His faithful followers have a plan. Enter the Mausoleum Of The Dead. Find the right incantation, retrieve the hidden artefacts, create a spell binding potion. Use all of your dark magic to bring him back. The Dark Lord shall rise again!

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