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Two Magical Escape Rooms in Edinburgh City Centre

Embark on a spellbinding adventure in the Department of Magic’s five-star rated escape rooms - two unique, interactive experiences that offer challenging puzzles, captivating storytelling, and an immersive, magical atmosphere.

Ready to start your adventure? Click below to book or scroll down to learn more about both escape rooms!


Prophecies Quest

The wizarding world is in terrible danger - and only you can save it from certain destruction!

Gather your friends - and your wits - and stand together to foil The Dark Lord's evil plans.


In this enchanting escape room,

your task is to collect The Prophecies, powerful objects The Dark Lord has cunningly hidden, and use them to defeat him.

There is still time, but it's quickly running out! 

Will you stand for good and rise to the challenge?


Dark Lord Resurrection

The Dark Lord slumbers… He waits impatiently - longing to be restored to his former power to wreak havoc on the magical world!

You hear his distant voice calling you to the dark side... Tempting you to enter The Mausoleum of the Dead, an innovative escape room where you're tasked with uttering eldritch incantations, retrieving hidden artefacts, and brewing a mysterious potion to free him from death itself. 

Will you answer The Dark Lord's call? 

What To Expect From Our Escape Rooms:


No Locks, No Codes, No Keys

Bid farewell to traditional escape room constraints. The Department Of Magic redefines the escape room by eliminating locks, codes, and keys.

Dive into a seamless interactive experience where your choices and actions drive the story forward and influence events. 


Immersive Storytelling

Our enchanting escape experiences are more than just games - they're a

journey into fantastical, interactive stories.

Engage with your captivating host, decipher cryptic clues, and unlock the mysteries of a world where the magical and the mysterious collide.


 For All
Skill Levels

The Department of Magic's escape rooms are designed to accommodate novices and seasoned adventurers alike. No prior training or knowledge is required.


Our experienced guides will be there to help, support and make sure you have a wonderful experience. 


All Are Welcome

Our escape rooms are ideal for groups of 2-7 people - with options available for larger groups.


Your group will have the room to itself - making it a perfect activity for couples, friends, and families, as well as corporate team building or work away days. 

Want To Ask Us A Question?

Which is the best escape room for my group? How early should I arrive? Can I book both escape rooms back-to-back? If you've still got a question, we're happy to answer! 

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