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Escape Room FAQs

What is an escape room?
An escape room is a thrilling and immersive adventure that challenges participants to solve a series of puzzles, untangle mysteries, and achieve a specific objective within a set time limit while focusing on teamwork and problem solving.

What if I have never done an escape room before?
No problem! Our escape rooms have two different levels of difficulty and a host who will guide you through your adventure and always be on-hand to provide any help you need. 


Are there any epilepsy risks to be aware of?
Our escape rooms include flashing lights which could impact participants with photosensitive epilepsy. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

What kind of puzzles are there?
Unlike other escape rooms, our games have no locks or keys - everything can be solved with an interactive magical solution! The varied and engaging challenges you'll face include linguistic puzzles, potion making, spell casting and more!

How does an escape room help with team building?
Escape rooms create an environment where participants must work together, applying critical thinking and effective team work skills to problem solving situations while deciphering clues and riddles in a fun themed environment. If you want to know more, check out this article on our blog.

Do you host private events?
Your group will always have the escape room to yourselves. However, for larger groups (8+), we offer a variety of bespoke options such as racing against each other and a combined booking with our other magical experiences.

Can I book the afternoon tea or the potion experiences as well?
Absolutely! You can book all our experiences back-to-back but we always encourage you to check timings on our website to ensure your preferred time is free and you don’t have to wait long between activities. If you require help booking a multi-activity experience, please feel free to contact our team.

What’s the difference between the two escape rooms?
The Prophecies Quest adventure is the more challenging of the two. It is divided into 4 separate chambers, each with its own series of riddles and puzzles, which focus on a different objective such as spellcasting, potion making, divination and mystery.

The Dark Lord Resurrection is the more accessible of the two escape rooms and takes place in one larger room filled with puzzles, riddles and all variations of magical materials with a cauldron in the centre. The room is set in a mausoleum and may have a few more surprises then you first think!

For more information on the story of each adventure please see above.

Are the rooms scary / do they use jump scares?
The escape rooms have been enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. While there are lighting effects and sound cues they are not horror themed and don’t aim to scare. If you have any concerns about younger players, feel free to speak to our team.

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