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So, What Is An Escape Room?

What is an escape room?

An escape room is an immersive, experience-based adventure game. Groups work together against the clock to find clues to solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape. The difficulty and theme of each room can vary to create a unique interactive experience. Think Crystal Maze meets the Cube!

How do escape rooms work?

Each escape room is themed with a narrative story which accompanies the room. The theme will form the basis of the decoration, puzzles and story which can range from magic to pirates to space exploration. The best escape rooms have a seamless theme that incorporates the narrative or the 'why' you need to escape and solve the clues in a combination with lighting and audio cues that add to the experience. To start you will get a briefing or induction to the narrative the room follows. This can be conducted via video or in person by your games master who will be remotely providing assistance or tips and answer any questions you may have. Traditionally this only takes a few minutes and can include the rules of the room and particular types of puzzles they may face. Then it’s time to try to escape! Fan out, discover clues and items in the room to assist you in solving puzzles to complete your goal before the time runs out!

What kind of Puzzles are in escape rooms?

Each room will have different difficulty and types of puzzles, riddles and clues based on the theming of the room. These can vary between locks, keys and combinations that can be obtained from solving riddles around the room to the collection of items that interact with different parts of the room. Riddles and clues can also come in a variety of forums that focus on linguistics, mathematics, logical thinking or kinetic movement. 

Who should try an escape room?

Escape rooms are interactive experiences that are suitable for a variety of groups. We break down some of them below.

Colleagues + Team Building Groups 

Because of the problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills they demand, escape rooms are a popular choice for team building activities. Escape rooms require teams to communicate, and make the most of every player’s unique strengths and skills, fostering an environment of collaboration as collaborators work together to achieve a shared goal.


Escape rooms are also popular with couples as a fun and unique date night. Rather than just heading to the movies again, escape rooms offer couples a shared adventure that lets them try something different, create memories, and have a laugh together.


We all love getting together with friends, but sometimes it’s hard to think of things to do together, and escape rooms provide a great opportunity to mix things up! You’ll have plenty to talk about in the pub after - once you realise your quiet pal Tom is a puzzle-solving genius - and the themed can make for unbeatable group selfies.


Some escape rooms are ideal for a family day out. If you pick the right room, the problem solving are great for building problem-solving skills and confidence. Plus, it's a lot of fun to watch dad struggle with a code he can't break! In most cases, children under 7 will find challenges too tricky (especially if they're language-based), but we recommend checking with your chosen escape room before booking.

Our Escape Rooms

If you’ve been convinced to try an escape room, and you’re not sure where to start, The Department of Magic’s two magical-themed experiences are a great choice. With more than 1,200 5+ star reviews, we’re confident you’ll have a great time, and our experienced Games Masters are there to provide as much support as novice players require.

So, if you’re looking for fun activities in Edinburgh City Centre, look no further! Just click the link below to book!


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